Winner,Winner, Chicken Dinner!


So, now I have some prize-winning chickens! I won second place in the Fine Feathered photo contest! I was pretty excited (well, I still am!) I like Anna Hrachovec’s patterns a lot, and it’s super cool to have her pick my little chickens out of  more than 100 entries. I’m also super excited about the prize-feathercontest_w2yarn

This yummy Fine yarn from Spud and Chloë. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, but I haven’t seen it in my closest LYS- plus it’s kinda out of my price range……I’ve been doing some research (the fun kind!) and trying to decide what to make with it, and so far I’m really loving:

 Bayard (Fun stripes and really cute shape!),

Diving In (I’m not sold on the whole shawl thing, but I’ve been really liking them worn as scarves),

Hado Slouch (How fun would it be to make one of these in S&C’s beautiful colors?),

Fightin’ Words (Super fun, and I love thinking of possible color combos for them!),

and Springtime in Philadelphia (I don’t actually wear many hats, but the photos for this are soo pretty, and Springtime!? It sounds so promising, like it will be perfect spring weather any day you wear it.)

I ‘m also thinking of Ribbed Socks for Kids, because I have yet to make a sock that fits, this pattern looks simple and straight forward, and I have pretty small feet.

Have a fantastic day!- Tenley


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