Yarn and a scarf


My yarn came today! I’ve been squishing it and carrying it around today. Exciting! Anna also sent along a tiny gnome button, and I’ve been wearing it all day.


I also finished a triangular scarf a couple days ago. I used Wool of the Andes Tonal for the body, and Palette for the tassels. (Both yarns from Knit Picks)


Here I am, wearing it. It’s really comfy, but it’s wool, so it’s not exactly great for spring! I think I’ll make one in a cotton/cotton blend yarn for spring and summer. (You can also see the cute little button. Hooray for gnomes!)

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5 thoughts on “Yarn and a scarf

  1. empress27 says:

    What gorgeous yarn… I LOVE those bright colours!

  2. So fun and funky. I love the twist on the scarf!

  3. Tenley says:

    @empress27 -I’ve been playing around with color combinations a lot! “orange and blue? or do I put blue and green together?!”
    @allnightknits -I was actually thinking I should block it, but after your comment, maybe I’ll leave it the way it is!

  4. empress27 says:

    Hmm… orange and blue would be quite bright, but blue and green would be cooler colours. I’m not sure which I would prefer. I think however I’m leaning more to the blue and green combination 😛

    • Tenley says:

      That’s funny, because the more I think of it, I’m liking blue and orange together best…the blue and green are almost too close together for me….but I might do a totally different color combo! It’s one of the most fun parts of starting a project!

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