Jewelry Adventures

I’ve been on a knit jewelry kick lately. It all started with a necklace as a gift for a brand-new 5 year old.

Birthday necklace

It was fun and a little silly, squishy and fun like a toy, but also wearable. The colorwork on the small beads keeps it interesting, and an I-cord makes sure the necklace lies flat against your neck. I’m working out a pattern, which will hopefully be ready to publish soon!

After this necklace, I did some Pinterest searching and found a beautiful shop, Amy Lawrence Designs, full of statement necklaces made on a knitting machine. I especially like this one. It changed the way I look at knit jewelry, because the necklaces can appeal to knitters and non-knitters, unlike some knit jewelry that just screams “I am a knitter!” (which is good, in its own way!) So after this, I made a fancy statement necklace.


And then I made some more….


And drew out some ideas…


Now I want to make a many colored, layered necklace.


I’m thinking of writing up a pattern for these, too.


(I was writing down quotes from my little brother a couple days ago. One of my favorites- “My blankets are really nice….and I really nice.”) Have a very nice day!

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2 thoughts on “Jewelry Adventures

  1. Amy Lawrence says:

    Hi Tenley, I’m really pleased you like my work and find it inspiring, I look forward to seeing more of your work and how it progresses in your own style. Keep experimenting and moving ideas forward, and keep up the good work! Amy x

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