Let’s Be Friends!

Sorry for not posting for so long. I’d like to say I’ve been writing up knitting patterns, but I haven’t. I’ve been doing other crafty stuff, though.


 Like making friendship bracelets. (No, I didn’t make ALL of these!)


I’m making and selling them with some friends to raise money for our group, Operation Kaleidoscope Kids, which will raise funds to buy toys for kids in children’s hospitals. We’re also organizing a road race to raise funds. It’s pretty exciting, and nice to have something to do this summer!


(All lined up!)


To “advertise” I’ve been wearing these two bracelets around. The fish patterned one was made by my mom when she was in college, and I made the bordered chevron. The colors were inspired by…..(can you guess?)…….



The yarn in my basket (not my only yarn-stashing place, don’t worry!) has a really cool color palette of yellow-orange (I like to think of it as mild orange), periwinkle blue, pink, and green. Sort of unexpected and random, but I love it!

Do you have a favorite unique color combo? If so, I’d love to hear it.  Just comment below!


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