Spending and Splurging

I am not the kind of person who buys a $50 top. I like to dream about what I would buy if I had a hundred, thousand, or million dollars (I think it’d be mostly Boden), but the reality is, I’m pretty cheap. If something is over $5, and I don’t LOVE it, I usually don’t buy it. The result? I never really regret buying anything…..(but maybe that’s because I don’t buy anything, now that I think of it!) Maybe this is partly attributed to the fact that my spending money comes from babysitting, and isn’t exactly plentiful, but it’s also just me. And I thought that’s just how it would stay. But…..I went to a yarn sale….and yarn was 20% off…and I splurged. Although, given my thrifty ways, it’s still pretty small. Just two skeins. And it was on sale.Image

Guys, I bought some Noro.  $16 dollars a skein. And I love it. I was kind of excited after I bought it, telling my family, “Look, isn’t it pretty? OOOHHH! look at the pink. And the teal. and the green. It looks like unicorn colors!” And it does. I was also justifying my purchase…”That cost a lot…..but I had that extra babysitting job, and that plant watering, and I haven’t bought anything expensive lately…It’s probably the best price I could have gotten..” Which is true. So I’m enjoying it. And looking up project ideas, and plotting and planning.Image

Iro. (Color 103, In case you wanted to know!) Pretty-pretty tealy-turquoise, pink, some green, a little red, and probably some other colors I forgot about, too.ImageKochoran (Color 79) The above mentioned unicorn colored yarn. It’s softer than the Iro, because it’s 30% Angora.

I’m off to pet my yarn! -Tenley

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