Garden Florals and Artist Thoughts



I think this post-a-day challenge has turned into post-every-other-day….I should probably work on that…(I have been busier than usual, though)

I went on a college visit yesterday, and I’ve been thinking about the future more than usual because of that. I want to be an artist, and for a lot of people, that’s not a “real” career option. But I think it can be. You need to be an individual, to diversify (e.g.print fabric with your art, not just do wall art) and have really good cohesive branding.



I want to be an individual, but I tend to get sucked in to trends in types of art…like everyone draws girls with antlers, men with beards, and bears. And I like them. But not because of some deep-seeded love for bear-antler-women-bearded-men…I like the artists, their look and their image as a super cool-creative artist.




And I hope I can inspire someone like that, with my own creative ideas and pictures. So part of this blog is finding my own style, individuality, and hopefully to someday show art that draws people in, even if the subject matter never used to interest them.

Well. I was planning on writing about these garden flowers, but I guess I got sidetracked. Aren’t they pretty?

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