I’m back! It’s been good taking some time off from computers, but I’m excited to share things on my blog again!ImageWhat do you do with your last few days of summer vacation? Like any normal teenager, I’ve been knitting tiny fairies. Yup. I’m kind of in love with them. Above are the fairy prince and princess in fancy wedding clothes.Image I used my current favorite pattern, the Tiny Bride and Groom, and added wings and fancy patterns/colors on the dresses. I also used the instructions for gnome legs and fiddled with the stitch count so that the prince’s legs would be more spread apart.ImageThe giant beehive-esque hairdos were probably my favorite part. I feel like a lot of knitters dislike finishing/seaming, but I enjoy it. It’s really rewarding to me to put together all the pieces and see the completed project take on another dimension, so to speak. The hair for fairies was especially fun, because they’re perfect with huge, fancy hair!ImageI love the monarch in the background. Perfectly fairylike!ImageMmm…maybe my next fairy will be orange and pink!

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2 thoughts on “Fairies

  1. emm says:

    These are super cute. I love the hair on them!

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