Life Right Now

ImageHi! It’s been a while! With school starting (and Cross Country practice nearly every day) I haven’t been making much, but looking at these pictures of what I have been working on, color seems to be a reoccuring theme! These friendship bracelets (above) are the perfect craft for bus rides to Cross Country meets- no scissors, glue, tape, or steady surface needed!ImageI’m part of a small group-type thing at my church, and we decorated these notebooks to journal in. Funny thing is, I was oh-so-carefull about how the front (above) looked, and took my time with it, and just sort of stuck things together quickly on the back side (below), but I like the back better! I guess I went with my instinct (or just kept adding things until it looked good!)ImageI’m in the process of sewing up a Forty Minute Tote from The Purl Bee. It is taking way longer than forty minutes, that’s for sure. Apparently, it’s a lot harder than it looks to cut two straight pieces of fabric! I’m lining it with this very cool vintage (does it count as vintage if it’s from the 70s?) bird and cloud-swirl fabric, which I ironed on a too-hot setting and I think stretched out a little. But I’m the one who’ll be using the bag, so it won’t matter too much….Image

P.S. My pig-riding mochis were featured on the Mochimochi Land blog! It made my day!

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