DIY Adjustable Fingerless Gloves

DSC_6821My hands have been freezing lately, so I decided to make some fingerless gloves. I started knitting some with chunky wool, and I had memories of my first (and last) crochet fingerless gloves.

  They were salmon pink acrylic yarn, with a yellow stripe at the top. They were shaped to “fit” my hands with a wider part for the hand and narrower for the wrist. There was absolutely no stretch to them, either. They matched a salmon hat I’d also crocheted. Their debut: summer camp, eighth or ninth grade. I put on my fabulous matching hat/armwarmer set, walked out the cabin door, and heard a girl ask …”Did she break both her arms?!”….I hurried back inside, pulled them off, and never wore them until the day I was playing in leaves, wore them, and lost one. It stayed outside all winter, and I think I ended up throwing both warmers away.

Needless to say, I was beginning to think that huge, chunky, shapeless warmers on my hands might bring back Cast Syndrome. Also, my hands were getting cold. So I dug out an old wool sweater.ImageI’m pretty small for my age, and one of the perks is being given people’s shrunken wool sweaters: “Here, maybe this will fit you. You’re small!” Generally, the proportions are way off and just weird, so the sweaters don’t get worn, but they’re perfect for crafting!

This sweater was pre-shrunk(!) and had these really cool button-up sleeves. I originally tried creating elegant mittens, but the thumb wasn’t working out, so it just languished in the closet for, like, a year.Image(Helloooo, failed mitten!)ImageI cut the sleeve right under where the thumbhole was on my former mitten, which ended up being 7 1/4″ImageThen I just placed the cut sleeve on top of the uncut one, lined up the sleeve ends, and cut across the second sleeve.ImageAnd….voila! The button bands make the perfect thumbholes. If I’m super cold, I can unbutton lower down for more hand coverage, and if I’m feeling warmer, I can unbutton one of the top buttons! If you try this with your own sweater, you can just cut a thumbhole vertically along the side seam. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, you can cut along the seam for a couple inches, make teeny buttonholes, sew on buttons, and have your own buttony armwarmers!ImageMy hands are finally warm!ImageAnd no chance of these being mistaken for casts!Image

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