Mochi Nativity

nativityIt wouldn’t be Christmas time without some festive projects, would it? ..Well, yeah, it would. But Christmasy projects sure are fun! I finished up this little nativity scene a couple days ago. I used my favorite Tiny Bride pattern and modified it to make everyone except Baby Jesus (I just improvised for him).Mary & JosephHere’s Joseph, Jesus, and Mary. I love Joseph’s little curly beard. Shepherds Shepherds. I like to imagine they’re brothers, even though they look nothing alike (minus the same body shape, I mean!) Also, I made some fluffy little sheep for them to watch over.Angel I decided I wanted a guy angel, because in the Bible, angels are referred to as he, not she, and yet there are no boy angels in nativity setsThe gray thing is a sword. I did some embroidery with gold metallic thread on his tunic, and held a strand of it as I knit the wings.Wee Wings

Wise Men These guys are probably my favorite part-the Wise Men. I embroidered and embellished these guys like crazy! Wise Men 2 Nativity Merry (almost) Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “Mochi Nativity

  1. Sine says:

    Have you thought of replicating this and selling them on etsy? It is beautiful.

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