Finished Projects: Oatmeal Sweater

Oatmeal Sweater This sweater is the perfect thing to warm you up in the morning, it’s a classic, it’s not anything fancy, but it’s handmade and special. It’s like oatmeal. The fact that it’s also oatmeal colored adds to the simile.

Oatmeal Sweater Even though it’s not super fancy, it’s got a little extra something going for it, like the difference between cold cereal and oatmeal.  It’s also my very first sweater. I can finally answer the common “Oh, you’re a knitter? Have you made a sweater?” with an affirmative, “Yes, I have!”

Oatmeal Sweater  I followed the Easy Top-Down Raglan Knitalong “pattern” from Susan B. Anderson and Wendy Bernard. It’s from 2010, so I’m a bit late to the party, but all the info is there, really clear and easy to understand.

Sweater up close It’s a great sweater for cold winter days! (Just like oatmeal! (can you stand the cheesy comparison any longer?!))

Oatmeal Sweater

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