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When Pastimes Collide…

Running Socks |A Changing Assortment…You make running socks! I’ve been running Cross Country and Track since 7th grade, and I’m planning on continuing them as I transition to college this fall. It’s been a wonderful adventure. I’m so grateful for the team I’ve had. We’ve worn suspenders, full body stretched (laying flat on your back and closing your eyes), made ice cream, and held spaghetti eating contests! I’ve never been an athletic person, and it’s kind of surprising that I’ve actually found a sport that I’m good at. (It helps that there’s no hand-eye coordination involved!) The team aspect has been my favorite part. You can’t help but get closer when you run repeat miles together, right? Running Socks |A Changing Assortment

I got a pair of Smartwool running socks for Christmas last year, and they’re the. comfiest. socks. ever. They also don’t smell, even after a sweaty 4 mile run. I can wear them twice before washing, and they’re super thick and cushiony. After experiencing the wonders of wool running socks, I wanted more! But, uhh, Smartwool socks cost $15 dollars a pair. So I made my own wool running socks. And they are so good. I first tried knitting socks at the age of 13,  but for some reason, sock making skills eluded me until last January. I’ve had this sock yarn, Heart and Sole (with aloe!) since my very first attempt. (I also have a few skinny tubes knit up in it that were supposed to become the legs of socks, but no, elasticity evaded me). I searched Ravelry to see if anyone had come up with a good running sock pattern, and among the few patterns available, found the Maizy-Walking in the Maize socks (apparently the suggested yarn is called Maizy, it’s made of corn fiber) which are modeled after athletic socks, with a ribbed band around the arch. I grabbed my yarn and dpns and got knitting!Running Socks |A Changing Assortment These pictures are the socks after one 5 mile run, and one washing. For the first 4 miles they felt fine, but the last mile I started feeling either the texture of the purl stitches or the seam at the toe of the sock. I’m thinking maybe the seam stretched or slipped farther under my foot. I wore them again last night for our church’s annual Adopt-a-Highway ditch clean up, and there were no comfort issues. I forgot I was wearing them, they were so comfortable! I highly recommend the pattern and the yarn. For shorter runs and walking they’re perfect!

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Warm Weather, Warm Wool

Image This project is officially out of season, but it’s just too cool not to share! (And yay for weather that makes mittens unnecessary! Warmth, it’s been too long!)  Image I designed these mittens myself, with ten-stitch pattern repeats for the colorwork, afterthought thumbs, and colors, colors, colors! Image No combination of colors is the same for any of the blocks of patterning, and the thumbs are two different shades of orange.DSC_8411 Winter’s over now, but these sure made cold days a little more cheerful!DSC_8420

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Finished Projects: Oatmeal Sweater

Oatmeal Sweater This sweater is the perfect thing to warm you up in the morning, it’s a classic, it’s not anything fancy, but it’s handmade and special. It’s like oatmeal. The fact that it’s also oatmeal colored adds to the simile.

Oatmeal Sweater Even though it’s not super fancy, it’s got a little extra something going for it, like the difference between cold cereal and oatmeal.  It’s also my very first sweater. I can finally answer the common “Oh, you’re a knitter? Have you made a sweater?” with an affirmative, “Yes, I have!”

Oatmeal Sweater  I followed the Easy Top-Down Raglan Knitalong “pattern” from Susan B. Anderson and Wendy Bernard. It’s from 2010, so I’m a bit late to the party, but all the info is there, really clear and easy to understand.

Sweater up close It’s a great sweater for cold winter days! (Just like oatmeal! (can you stand the cheesy comparison any longer?!))

Oatmeal Sweater

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Finished Projects: Pine Boughs Cowl

Image This may be one of the prettiest things I’ve ever knit. When I tell people that I knit it myself, the response is “You made that!?” It’s a fun project, easy to get into and remember, and stunning as a finished item. It just looks so professional! Image Pattern: Pine Boughs Cowl. The original pattern is double the length, but I ended at the halfway mark. I was worried that a doubled cowl would swamp me and be too heavy to wear comfortably. Decision made, I grafted the ends together to form a mobius loop. It was my first time grafting, and it was actually pretty easy! (The seam might be a little bit visible, but only if you look close!)

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tweed in Marine Heather and Down Heather. I liked this yarn. The tweed adds some nice visual interest and texture. I think I used about 4 balls of each color, with more of the blue than silver. ImageDSC_4606

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Little Projects


I’ve had cabin fever for the last week…I’m so sick of winter! This tiny cabin is a way of dealing with it, I guess! Just shrink it, add teeny details, and you’re good to go!Image

The only upside of cold? I got to see (and take pictures of) a sundog over our town. Pretty cool!

I’ve worked on a few happy little things the past few weeks-


A teeny knit unicorn.


And a cheerful pouch to hold notions and knitting needles in my knitting bag. Zippers are cutest with pompoms!


I’ve got more (bigger!) finished projects to photograph and post, so I’ll be back soon!

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Image I made my first pair of socks! Toe up, Picot Socks.ImageThey’re not very stretchy, but they’re cute! And, they fit my foot! I have tried more than once to make myself socks, and they totally failed. I think lack of a gauge swatch was my problem….to tell the truth, I don’t think I actually checked my gauge for these…and I had to rip out the heel and do some math to get them to work. But here they are!Image I definitely recommend the pattern- It’s quick, teaches you the basics of toe-up construction, and it’s free!Image

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Best Beard Contest

My Best Beard Contest is in the semifinals of the Mochimochi Land Photo Contest! If you would pop over to the Mochimochi Land blog and give my gnomes a shout out, I’d appreciate it! (Also, check out all the other awesome entries!)ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Mochi Nativity

nativityIt wouldn’t be Christmas time without some festive projects, would it? ..Well, yeah, it would. But Christmasy projects sure are fun! I finished up this little nativity scene a couple days ago. I used my favorite Tiny Bride pattern and modified it to make everyone except Baby Jesus (I just improvised for him).Mary & JosephHere’s Joseph, Jesus, and Mary. I love Joseph’s little curly beard. Shepherds Shepherds. I like to imagine they’re brothers, even though they look nothing alike (minus the same body shape, I mean!) Also, I made some fluffy little sheep for them to watch over.Angel I decided I wanted a guy angel, because in the Bible, angels are referred to as he, not she, and yet there are no boy angels in nativity setsThe gray thing is a sword. I did some embroidery with gold metallic thread on his tunic, and held a strand of it as I knit the wings.Wee Wings

Wise Men These guys are probably my favorite part-the Wise Men. I embroidered and embellished these guys like crazy! Wise Men 2 Nativity Merry (almost) Christmas!

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Big Lace Cowl

ImageI used my Noro Kochoran to make an amazing cowl. I adapted the Big Lace Scarf pattern from More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, casting on six more stitches and following the pattern to the end, then sewing the ends together to make an endless loop.ImageThis pattern is so pretty. It’s the perfect match for this yarn. Soft, feminine, and unique.ImageI love the turquoise in this colorway. The sage greenish, not so much. Weird thing-I was wearing this with gray and it brings out the darker greenish tones, but I had my sister try it on with her lime green shirt, and the brighter colors in cowl just POPPED! I’m sure this will be worn with a lot of different outfits!

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Jewelry Adventures

I’ve been on a knit jewelry kick lately. It all started with a necklace as a gift for a brand-new 5 year old.

Birthday necklace

It was fun and a little silly, squishy and fun like a toy, but also wearable. The colorwork on the small beads keeps it interesting, and an I-cord makes sure the necklace lies flat against your neck. I’m working out a pattern, which will hopefully be ready to publish soon!

After this necklace, I did some Pinterest searching and found a beautiful shop, Amy Lawrence Designs, full of statement necklaces made on a knitting machine. I especially like this one. It changed the way I look at knit jewelry, because the necklaces can appeal to knitters and non-knitters, unlike some knit jewelry that just screams “I am a knitter!” (which is good, in its own way!) So after this, I made a fancy statement necklace.


And then I made some more….


And drew out some ideas…


Now I want to make a many colored, layered necklace.


I’m thinking of writing up a pattern for these, too.


(I was writing down quotes from my little brother a couple days ago. One of my favorites- “My blankets are really nice….and I really nice.”) Have a very nice day!

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