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Warm Weather, Warm Wool

Image This project is officially out of season, but it’s just too cool not to share! (And yay for weather that makes mittens unnecessary! Warmth, it’s been too long!)  Image I designed these mittens myself, with ten-stitch pattern repeats for the colorwork, afterthought thumbs, and colors, colors, colors! Image No combination of colors is the same for any of the blocks of patterning, and the thumbs are two different shades of orange.DSC_8411 Winter’s over now, but these sure made cold days a little more cheerful!DSC_8420

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Black Apple Dolls

ImageThese cuties are for some kiddos I babysit for. I’m a big fan of Emily Martin (a.k.a.The Black Apple), and when I saw her sweet doll pattern from Martha Stewart, I knew I’d have to make one someday. Well, I finally have! I started on these last year, and had the girls basically done, but the poor little boy has been languishing my the sewing machine, faceless until very recently. I went with eyes similar to these dolls that Emily made. (<—-Aren’t they adorable?) The pattern was supposed to be enlarged, but I just printed it out as-is, making for a more petite doll.ImageHe has a face! (And teeny blue glasses!) (And a little hat to jazz up his solid-colored outfit!)ImageThe headbands are a piece of fold-over-elastic sewn onto friendship bracelets. They also double as hair ties! I’m kind of in love with them.ImageThis doll got a wee green sweater and starry legs.ImageImage This one is my favorite, I think. She gets to wear a fluffy pink tutu.ImageI’m excited to wrap these up and give them to their recipients!

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Mochi Nativity

nativityIt wouldn’t be Christmas time without some festive projects, would it? ..Well, yeah, it would. But Christmasy projects sure are fun! I finished up this little nativity scene a couple days ago. I used my favorite Tiny Bride pattern and modified it to make everyone except Baby Jesus (I just improvised for him).Mary & JosephHere’s Joseph, Jesus, and Mary. I love Joseph’s little curly beard. Shepherds Shepherds. I like to imagine they’re brothers, even though they look nothing alike (minus the same body shape, I mean!) Also, I made some fluffy little sheep for them to watch over.Angel I decided I wanted a guy angel, because in the Bible, angels are referred to as he, not she, and yet there are no boy angels in nativity setsThe gray thing is a sword. I did some embroidery with gold metallic thread on his tunic, and held a strand of it as I knit the wings.Wee Wings

Wise Men These guys are probably my favorite part-the Wise Men. I embroidered and embellished these guys like crazy! Wise Men 2 Nativity Merry (almost) Christmas!

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Big Lace Cowl

ImageI used my Noro Kochoran to make an amazing cowl. I adapted the Big Lace Scarf pattern from More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, casting on six more stitches and following the pattern to the end, then sewing the ends together to make an endless loop.ImageThis pattern is so pretty. It’s the perfect match for this yarn. Soft, feminine, and unique.ImageI love the turquoise in this colorway. The sage greenish, not so much. Weird thing-I was wearing this with gray and it brings out the darker greenish tones, but I had my sister try it on with her lime green shirt, and the brighter colors in cowl just POPPED! I’m sure this will be worn with a lot of different outfits!

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Summer Knitting

I’m making a sweater.


I’m almost at the armholes


Knit top down, raglan sleeves


It’s slightly boatneck, too. I’m using a pattern/knitalong from Wendy Bernard and Susan B. Anderson, on the Spud and Chloe yarn blog. The knit along is loong over, but the great advice for every step is still there-in the form of blog posts explaining everything I need to know for my (first!) sweater. It’s pretty basic, in terms of color and pattern, but I think it’s the perfect project to get me started with sweater knitting. I’m using some unnamed (but pretty nice, actually) acrylic yarn that my grandma gave to my mom a long while ago to make a sweater for herself, that was never used, and ended up given to me, if I wanted to make a sweater with it. So it’s kind of a “generational” sweater.


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Hat Weather


Surprisingly, it is July, and it’s seriously cold enough to wear a hat. And I wore a sweater yesterday. And almost wore one to church today. Pictures were taken today, and it’s slightly awkward getting your picture taken, and trying to show off a knit item, and deciding whether or not you’ll be smiling…Anyway, on to the hat details! Yarn: Noro Iro. Pattern: Improvised. Basically cast on 60 stitches, k3, p3 ribbing for 2 1/2″, knit for 6 1/2-7ish inches, and start decreasing.ImageIt’s pretty slouchy, so it shows off the colors really well.ImagePink, turquoise, red, and almost-ombre purple section, rust, blue, more pink, and turquoise-purply-brown.

(All pictures by Tikvah!)

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A Couple Things

Whoops. I missed a day of posting. Oh well, I have plenty of days to make up for it! On with today’s post!

Today I had this for breakfast:ImageIt’s an un-blended smoothie. I realized that while I love fruit, I’m not crazy about smoothies. So I ate pineapple chunks, black and red garden fresh raspberries, and frozen blueberries and strawberries. And drank soymilk. Yum!

ImageThe aftermath of my most recent project….ImageA knitted DSLR Camera! Image(Modeled by my silly youngest brother!) I hope to actually write a pattern for this one!

ImageKnit pig from Knitting Mochimochi. I used the Pigs with Wigs pattern, and fingering weight yarn and size two needles for a miniature version.

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The One (Scarf)

You know that feeling when you find the perfect project? You love it. You can find the right yarn. You know it’s the One.Image

Well, this is one of those perfect projects. It’s clever, interesting, and the perfect fit for the recipient (one of my brothers). I used the One Ring Scarf pattern, free on Ravelry. Basically, it’s the inscription from the One Ring (in The Lord of the Rings), double knit in fingering weight yarn. I was knitting from a chart for the first time, and I was surprised at how fun it was! The only problem-it’s VERY long. Which is not a problem for actual wear, but man, it’s long…and I haven’t finished it……even though I started in December. I finished about five out of the six pages of charts in time for Christmas, knitting in secret, and presented the scarf with a promise that it would be completed soon. And now it’s July. (I procrastinate pretty well..)Image

I used orange and blue Red Heart Super Saver. Which is not fingering weight, but I thought I could make it work. After purchasing it, I started in on the scarf right away. After realizing that it was way too thick and wide, and at the size it was knitting up, it would be REALLY, REALLY, REALLY long, my mom volunteered to pull apart the yarn and turn it into two-ply, instead of four-ply. I knit, and she unwound the yarn, replenishing my yarn supply as I ran out. To make it less wide, I skipped ten stitches on each side (working with 30 stitches instead of 50)Image

I’m hoping to finish the last page of graphs this week, or at least by the end of July. I  really like it, and I think it’s been hibernating long enough!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more of the post a day challenge!

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Post a Day Challenge

Bunny Fellow

Announcing the Post a Day Challenge! My sister (over at Color Me Full) and I were talking about how we needed to post more often, so starting on July 15th and going until the end of the month, I’ll post something; a picture, recap of my day, current or past project, or a tutorial! I hope you’ll follow along!

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Knitting Fun

Okay, I babysit for some of the most knit-worthy kids ever. Ages 6, 4, and 3.


Two weeks ago, they played with the tiny chickens and people I had brought along. It was really cute and rewarding to see them enjoying the toys I had made.

The next week, last Saturday,  I brought yarn, knitting needles, and my copy of Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi.

I started on a gnome as they looked through the book and started placing orders: “Can you make me a mermaid with a pink tail and blue eyes?” “Can you make a hot dog next?”

I finished the gnome, made the mermaid,


didn’t have the right colors for a hot dog, and so began a girl instead. I didn’t finish the girl until today, so I took some detail shots:



(modified Tiny Bride pattern)

It’s so fun knitting for people who enjoy things like this!

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