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Wonder Salad

15942702_1567834053232677_1577339790_oTurns out, all it takes to get back to blogging is a salad. I’ve been itching to share the excitement of things like this simple salad, and figured I may as well dust off the old blog and switch things up a bit. It is, after all, A Changing Assortment. I’m in college, now responsible for my own meals, still knitting and sewing sometimes, making new stuff like art prints, and have gotten better at both writing and being less stiff when posing for pictures ūüėČ

I’ve been planning my meals a little bit more frequently (like, within the last week, hello New Year!) and it is blowing my mind. Last semester was my first of being off the meal plan, and while I rejoiced in the fact that I didn’t have to eat in the cafeteria anymore, I had a lousy structure for feeding myself.There were high points, of course, like discovering how simple and awesome homemade pizza is, some excellent muffins, thrown together nachos, and sharing Roomie Dinners with the 3 other girls in my¬†room. ¬†But the lack of planning on my part turned highly edible, but uninspired food: eating lots of pasta, cheese and crackers, and occasionally a giant pot of soup that I would slowly get sick of over the course of a week.

This semester, I plan to track my grocery spending and buy ingredients with the intention of making specific things with them. Before, I tried eating from my throw-together stash of staples every night. Now, I have a plan for that head of cauliflower, and won’t buy that 2nd can of stewed tomatoes “just in case”.

So far this year (week…) I have stumbled across the easiest ever meal planning method. At night, I get in some journaling about the day, then, I write out a little schedule:

Breakfast-fruit and peanut butter toast

Lunch-Leftover spaghetti and meatballs, maybe a piece of fruit

Supper-Spaghetti again, but also a fruit salad

No big extensive list, no advanced planning or spreadsheet or ethnic theme, just an outline of what I kinda feel like eating tomorrow. I also shop with a few recipes in mind, but this system means that I can adjust the amount of meals I prepare to the amount of leftovers I have to use up.



So, this salad, this beautiful salad. By definition this whole thing was thrown together, and I felt so accomplished knowing what ingredients would make it special. I threw together:

2 handfuls of torn up spinach

1/2 pear, sliced up

small handful of walnuts

a cluster of pomegranate pips

While assembling these ingredients, I realized that the bottled italian dressing I had in mind wasn’t gonna cut it. So I looked up a ratio for vinaigrette¬†(found here) and used:

1 tbs apple cider vinegar

3 tbs olive oil

a squirt of honey

sprinkling of Himalayan sea salt

a quick twist from the pepper grinder

pour all that into a container, pop on the lid and shake it for a bit, and voila! A perfect complement to a light, fruit filled salad.

I am still patting myself on the back for this, even though it was super easy. How cool that I can make nourishing, exciting food for myself. (And nerd out about salad for a bit…) Wonder salad indeed.


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